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Not Her DaughterPublication Date: August 21, 2018
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Goodreads:  Emma Grace Townsend. Five years old. Gray eyes. Brown hair. Missing since June.

Emma Townsend is lonely. Living with her cruel mother and clueless father, Emma retreats into her own world of quiet and solitude.

Sarah Walker. Successful entrepreneur. Broken-hearted. Abandoned by her mother. Kidnapper.

Sarah has never seen a girl so precious as the gray-eyed child in a crowded airport terminal—and when a second-chance encounter with Emma presents itself, Sarah takes her, far away from home. But if it’s to rescue a little girl from her damaging mother, is kidnapping wrong?

Amy Townsend. Unhappy wife. Unfit mother. Unsure she wants her daughter back.

Amy’s life is a string of disappointments, but her biggest issue is her inability to connect with her daughter. And now she’s gone without a trace.

As Sarah and Emma avoid the nationwide hunt, they form an unshakeable bond. But her real mother is at home, waiting for her to return—and the longer the search for Emma continues, Amy is forced to question if she really wants her back.

Emotionally powerful and wire-taut, Not Her Daughter raises the question of what it means to be a mother—and how far someone will go to keep a child safe.


What is coming soon …. to a bookshelf near you?

Let me know – I am always looking for a good read!


Rainy Beach Day

What do you do with a rainy day at the beach?
Do you enjoy it?
We took advantage of it and went to the book store!
It is the cutest place, loaded with lots of great books!
Here we are loaded with lots good reads.
Even the bag is amazing!

This was on the outside of the book store door.
Treat Your Shelf!

This is the book mark that came with each book.

Can you tell this book store was a really great
rainy day at the beach for us?!!

Cooper’s Charm

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Romance
Source:  Anna Robinson



Goodreads:  One summer, two sisters and a chance to start over…

Before the burglary that shattered her confidence, Phoenix Rose had a fiancé, a successful store and a busy, happy existence. After months spent adrift, she takes a job at the lakeside resort of Cooper’s Charm. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly colleagues and a charismatic, widowed boss, Phoenix is slowly inching her way back into the world.

Visiting Cooper’s Charm to check up on her little sister, Ridley Rose impulsively agrees to fill in as housekeeper. Still reeling from an ego-bruising divorce, she finds satisfaction in a job well done—and in the attention of the resort’s handsome scuba instructor.

For Phoenix and Ridley, Cooper’s Charm is supposed to be merely temporary. But this detour may lead to the place they most need to be, where the future is as satisfying as it is surprising…

Ope’s Opinion: For me this was just barely a three chair book.  The cover is amazing!  The story is good.  The steamy parts were too much too fast for me.  I guess for the true romance reader this is a perfect book! 

I like sister stories and this was a good one.  Lori Foster set up the book for the series to continue.  Being at an RV park makes it easy to bring new people in for each book.


Tell Me Lies

Author: Carola Lovering
Publisher: Atria Books
Genre: New Adult Fiction
Source:  Stephanie at Simon & Schuster


Goodreads:  A thrilling, sexy coming-of-age story exploring toxic love, ruthless ambition, and shocking betrayal, Tell Me Lies is about that one person who still haunts you—the other one. The wrong one. The one you couldn’t let go of. The one you’ll never forget.

Lucy Albright is far from her Long Island upbringing when she arrives on the campus of her small California college, and happy to be hundreds of miles from her mother, whom she’s never forgiven for an act of betrayal in her early teen years. Quickly grasping at her fresh start, Lucy embraces college life and all it has to offer—new friends, wild parties, stimulating classes. And then she meets Stephen DeMarco. Charming. Attractive. Complicated. Devastating.

Confident and cocksure, Stephen sees something in Lucy that no one else has, and she’s quickly seduced by this vision of herself, and the sense of possibility that his attention brings her. Meanwhile, Stephen is determined to forget an incident buried in his past that, if exposed, could ruin him, and his single-minded drive for success extends to winning, and keeping, Lucy’s heart.

Alternating between Lucy’s and Stephen’s voices, Tell Me Lies follows their connection through college and post-college life in New York City. Deep down, Lucy knows she has to acknowledge the truth about Stephen. But before she can free herself from this addicting entanglement, she must confront and heal her relationship with her mother—or risk losing herself in a delusion about what it truly means to love.

With the psychological insight and biting wit of Luckiest Girl Alive, and the yearning ambitions and desires of Sweetbitter, this keenly intelligent and staggeringly resonant novel chronicles the exhilaration and dilemmas of young adulthood, and the difficulty of letting go, even when you know you should.

Ope’s Opinion: Getting past the constant use of the “f” word was the first stumbling block in this book.  Stephen has no redeeming qualities – he is self centered, abusive and toxic.  Lucy is the definition of insanity – she keeps doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. 

This story is told from each of their perspectives.  It hops from present to past and back, but is well marked. They had a train wreck of a relationship.  You wanted to read it to see where it was going,  but it was not enjoyable.

The ending brought this book from a two chair to a three chair.

Finding Jake


Author: Bryan Reardon
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: Mystery
Source:  William Morrow

Goodreads:  A heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting story of psychological suspense in which a parent is forced to confront what he does—and does not—know about his teenage son, in the vein of Reconstructing Amelia, Defending Jacob, and We Need to Talk about Kevin.

While his successful wife goes off to her law office each day, Simon Connolly takes care of their kids, Jake and Laney. Now that they are in high school, the angst-ridden father should feel more relaxed, but he doesn’t. He’s seen the statistics, read the headlines. And now, his darkest fear is coming true. There has been a shooting at school.

Simon races to the rendezvous point, where he’s forced to wait. Do they know who did it? How many victims were there? Why did this happen? One by one, parents are led out of the room to reunite with their children. Their numbers dwindle, until Simon is alone.

As his worst nightmare unfolds, and Jake is the only child missing, Simon begins to obsess over the past, searching for answers, for hope, for the memory of the boy he raised, for mistakes he must have made, for the reason everything came to this. Where is Jake? What happened in those final moments? Is it possible he doesn’t really know his son? Or he knows him better than he thought?

Brilliantly paced, Finding Jake explores these questions in a tense and emotionally wrenching narrative. Harrowing and heartbreaking, surprisingly healing and redemptive, Finding Jake is a story of faith and conviction, strength, courage, and love that will leave readers questioning their own lives, and those they think they know.

Ope’s Opinion: Start this book with plenty of time and no interruptions.  Once you start reading you will not want to put it down.  It is a very intense story.  You know from reading the synopsis that there is a school shooting, but this is told from a completely different perspective.  Each chapter is labeled – they flip from Jake’s childhood to the day of the shooting.  It is mostly told from Jake’s father’s point of view.

There are some twists in the story that I didn’t see coming – as a matter of fact I thought I had it all figured out early in the book – I was wrong and loved where it went.

The ending was wonderful.  It answered a lot of questions, but still felt realistic.

Vacation Food

This vacation started with good food!

On our way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we stopped at an old favorite restaurant called Surf Rider.  The crab cakes and broccoli with hollandaise sauce are one of my favorites.  It is a great way to start vacation!

A rainy Monday at the beach took my daughters and I to FatCrabs in Corolla for lunch!  Awesome place for peel and eat shrimp with good spices on them, crab legs and hush puppies.  Yummm!!

Nothing like finishing the day off with some warm donuts that have amazing choices of toppings – keylime with graham cracker topping, blueberry topping, peanut butter with chocolate and many more options.

We enjoy eating at the beach!