Cooper’s Charm

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Romance
Source:  Anna Robinson



Goodreads:  One summer, two sisters and a chance to start over…

Before the burglary that shattered her confidence, Phoenix Rose had a fiancé, a successful store and a busy, happy existence. After months spent adrift, she takes a job at the lakeside resort of Cooper’s Charm. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly colleagues and a charismatic, widowed boss, Phoenix is slowly inching her way back into the world.

Visiting Cooper’s Charm to check up on her little sister, Ridley Rose impulsively agrees to fill in as housekeeper. Still reeling from an ego-bruising divorce, she finds satisfaction in a job well done—and in the attention of the resort’s handsome scuba instructor.

For Phoenix and Ridley, Cooper’s Charm is supposed to be merely temporary. But this detour may lead to the place they most need to be, where the future is as satisfying as it is surprising…

Ope’s Opinion: For me this was just barely a three chair book.  The cover is amazing!  The story is good.  The steamy parts were too much too fast for me.  I guess for the true romance reader this is a perfect book! 

I like sister stories and this was a good one.  Lori Foster set up the book for the series to continue.  Being at an RV park makes it easy to bring new people in for each book.


Don’t Tempt Me

don't tempt

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: HQN Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source:  BEA 2016


Goodreads:  Love comes along when it’s least wanted 

Jason Guthrie has no time for entanglements—between helping out his widowed brother and teenage nephew and getting his hometown back on its feet, his days are spoken for. But his nights are another story… And when his lovely new neighbor, Honor Brown, reluctantly accepts his help in remodeling her house, Jason finds himself wishing his handyman skills could knock down the defenses she keeps building around herself.

Martial arts teacher Sullivan Dean knows real danger when he sees it—even when it takes the form of the gorgeous blonde helping her friend move in across the street. After putting his wayward past behind him to focus on teaching control to troubled kids, Sullivan has learned to avoid party girls like Lexie Perkins. But Sullivan can’t seem to keep his hands off the real woman behind that flirty charm—or keep his heart from landing at her feet…

Ope’s Opinion:  I love how independent Honor is.  I like stories of strong women, they are encouraging and set good examples.  The renovations on the house was my favorite part of the story.  The constant explicit sex scenes  was my least favorite part of the story.  I know this book is in the romance genre, so I expected some intimate relationships, but this just seemed to be too much of the focus for me. 

I did like how Jason, his brother and his nephew helped Honor from the minute she moved into the house next door.  They were really good neighbors to her, became friends and quickly moved the relationship on from there.

Lexie was a good friend to Honor, but her idea of relationships with men was way off for me.  I wish she had more respect for herself and higher standards.

If you are a fan of Lori Foster you will probably love this book.