Where do you read?

Emma loves to read anywhere and everywhere!

She doesn’t go anywhere without a book!

Even at home she chooses to read.


If you aren’t reading….

What are you doing?

I am doing puzzles of books!

Rainy day in Seattle had me bring out a puzzle.
Of course my favorite ones are book puzzles –
brings my two favorite things together.

Finishing a good puzzle is like finishing a good book –
satisfaction and enjoyment
and makes me want to start another one!


Boat Floating

At Mount Vernon with our family for a day of boating,
floating and maybe a little reading.

Payton’s first trip on the boat!
She wants to know when she is going again.
She took over one of the floats.

Emma is an old pro at this.
She would like to be the first mate!

The little guy ( Max ) isn’t sure about this!
Wait until next year, he’ll be all over the place.

Thank you Kristi and John Paul for a great day on the boat.