Welcome to Ope’s World

Hello!  My name is Margie.  So About ME!

This blog all started with my two daughters, Kristin of Kritters Ramblings and Jennifer ofUnderestimatedmom.  They have both encouraged me for some time to blog about the books I read and the other events in my life.
Going to BEA with Kristin gave me the excitement and encouragement to start this.

I have been reading all my life, thanks to the encouragement of my mother.  Now, I am going to share my opinions in hopes of encouraging others to find their genre and read away.

I have been reviewing on Goodreads for almost a year and have enjoyed posting reviews and reading other peoples reviews.

I am a mother of two grown daughters.   Living near both of them has been such a gift.  I am retired from working in the school system.  My husband is an awesome supportive guy.  He travels often and I am fortunate to tag along on selected trips.  Another part of my life is shared with a grand dog and a granddaughter.  Both keep me moving.

Contact me (opesopinions@gmail.com) –  want to recommend (or send) books my way, or if you just want to chat about books and bookie things!

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