Rainy Beach Day

What do you do with a rainy day at the beach?
Do you enjoy it?
We took advantage of it and went to the book store!
It is the cutest place, loaded with lots of great books!
Here we are loaded with lots good reads.
Even the bag is amazing!

This was on the outside of the book store door.
Treat Your Shelf!

This is the book mark that came with each book.

Can you tell this book store was a really great
rainy day at the beach for us?!!

Bellingham Book Store

This is the Village Book Store in Bellingham, Washington.
I had the opportunity to go to Seattle with my husband,
while there, my daughter Kristin of Kriters Ramblings
found this book store for me to visit.

This is the inside of this amazing book store.
Not only is the store wonderful, but so is the staff.
They were helpful and friendly – available, but not intrusive.

This is the area where they do author readings
and signings.

The back entrance is as awesome as the front.

If you are in the state of Washington, a book person and you have time,
go to Bellingham and visit the Village Book Store.