Our Olympian!

This is our Emma holding her “gold metal”.  She is our Olympian!  She said it was from snowboarding.  We’ll see her out there in a few years.
Her ice cream sandwich was her reward!


Snow at Ope’s

Being a grandparent is the best!  Enjoying the grandkids in the snow is so much fun!!


This is Payton enjoying the snow.


Emma made a snowman.


Hot chocolate is always good after the cold.


Payton naps.
Emma and I read.

Awesome day!!  What more could you ask for??

Emma’s Opening

My granddaughter Emma was at my house when the UPS man brought a package to me.  It was a book!  I became real excited, so she did too.  Now she believes all the packages that the UPS man delivers are books – no matter the size of the box!

I decided she needed to receive a book herself in the mail.  The following pictures are enjoyment of that package from me.

the beginningThis package is for me?

the opening


Trying to open.
Rough opening!

rough opening



new bookThe book
Pinkalicous: Fairy House










There will be more of these to come!!