Little Jimmy Says, Same is Lame

Author:  Jimmy Vee
Publisher:Atlas Press                 same as lame
Genre:  Children’s Books
Source:  Alyssa Livolsi



Goodreads:  “It is your uniqueness that’s really the seed. Embrace it! Exploit it! And you will Succeed.”

Little Jimmy is a small guy with a BIG mission… help people realize how special they really are.

Why is everyone trying so hard to fit in when there is so much uniqueness to celebrate?

Jump in and follow the miniature ringmaster through his circus-inspired world of weird, where normal is ordinary, and ordinary is boring.

In these fun-filled pages you’ll discover what makes you unique and why being different is actually cool.

So hurry, hurry! Come one, come all! Step right up. Kids of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome and special in Little Jimmy’s wondrous and wacky world.

Read this book and prepare to be amazed at what you see in the mirror the next time you take a look! 

Emma’s Opinion:   Emma and I both enjoyed this book.  It was a wonderful rhyming book about being different.  Emma and I are actually on the short side ourselves, so we could relate to this book.  It was fun to ask her about different children in her class.  She actually didn’t realize they were each different.  Children ( at least Emma ) think all people are alright just the way they are.  

The illustrations really added a lot to the story.  It made Emma ask me questions about the other people on the pages.  It was fun to talk to her about being proud of who she is.  She sort of looked at me like of course I am!

Rating:  Five Fingers

My Yellow Balloon

Author:  Tiffany Papageorge
Publisher: Minoan Moon Publishing      yellow balloon
Genre: Children’s Books
Source:  Alyssa Livolsi



Goodreads:  It all started at the carnival. That is where Joey makes a new friend: a bright yellow balloon. Joey and his beloved balloon do everything together, until the balloon accidentally slips off Joeys wrist and flies far, far away. What will Joey do without his special friend? Tiffany Papageorge has crafted a poignant tale of love, loss, and letting go that will serve as a comforting guide to children who are navigating the complicated emotions of grief. Rich, luminous illustrations by Erwin Madrid perfectly capture these timeless themes, making them accessible to even the youngest reader. Honest, unflinching, and ultimately reassuring, this book will resonate with anyone who has endured the darkness of grief, while offering hope for brighter days ahead.

Emma’s Opinion:  Emma’s Papa read her this book on our last visit.  It kept both their attention.  Emma wanted to read it again and again.  She is starting to read and wanted to know each word so she could read it next time.

The bright pictures on each page kept her eyes glued to the book.

As Emma hasn’t lost anyone in her life yet, I am not sure she understood the connection between loosing a ballon and loosing  someone.  When the time comes, I would definitely pull this book back out.

Rating:  Five Fingers

My Children’s BEA Broadast



Along with reading adult and YA books, I enjoy sharing my love of reading with my granddaughter.  While at BEA, these are a  couple of titles that grabbed my attention.

emma and me

Bad Dog Flash  by Ruth Paul
The Night Parade  by Lily Roscoe

Emma ( my granddaughter ) has a little sister on the way, so I chose a couple of books to share with her too.
child books
Nutley by Stephanie Sorkin
What’s So Yummy?  by Robbie H. Harris
Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli
Pioneer Girl  by Pamela Smith Hill


I also picked up these books to share with both granddaughters when they get older.

middle grade


Ava and Pip by Carol Weston
The Battle of Darcy Lane by Tara Altebrando
Secret of the Silver Key by Jane O’Connor
Pink & Green is the New Black by Lisa Greenwald


Pups of the Spirit

Illustrations:  Deborah Melmon               pups
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Genre: Children
Source:  BookLook

Goodreads:  ‘God gave each puppy a gift of its own, and PUPS OF THE SPIRIT is how they are known!’ Peanut is patient, and Kay is so kind. Each of these nine loveable puppies has a special trait to help them grow closer to God. From love and joy to patience and kindness, children will have fun learning about the fruits of the spirit with these playful and cuddly companions.

Ope’s Opinion with Emma:   I had as much fun reading this book to Emma ( my four year-old granddaughter ) as she did listening to it.  We talked about the different pups on each page.  She wanted to hear it again  and again.  I decided to leave it at her house so she could look at all the pups whenever she wanted to.                                 me and emma

Rating:  Five Fingers ( according to Emma )   red five

Emma’s Opening

My granddaughter Emma was at my house when the UPS man brought a package to me.  It was a book!  I became real excited, so she did too.  Now she believes all the packages that the UPS man delivers are books – no matter the size of the box!

I decided she needed to receive a book herself in the mail.  The following pictures are enjoyment of that package from me.

the beginningThis package is for me?

the opening


Trying to open.
Rough opening!

rough opening



new bookThe book
Pinkalicous: Fairy House










There will be more of these to come!!