Black Tuesday

                                           Author:  Susan Colebank
                                           Publisher:  Dutton Juvenile    
                                           Pages:  208
                                           Genre:  Young Adult
                                            Source:  Purchased

                      Goodreads:   Everything is going just the way super achiever Jayne Thompkins planned. She’s at the top of her class and captain of the girls’ varsity tennis team. Her ultimate goal? Harvard. She wouldn’t be killing herself with all these extracurriculars otherwise. But her life changes when she crashes into another car and a little girl dies as a result. Will she ever be able to live with the guilt she feels over this accidental death? A gripping and fast paced story about guilt, anger, forgiveness, and second chances by first time author Susan Colebank.

Ope’s Opinion:  I really enjoyed this book!  It was a well written story.  The story line was fascinating.  The book kept my attention from the beginning through to the end.

                                     It is amazing how a moment in your life can change everything.  This book made me think about those moments in my life that made a big impact on me.

                                    There are so many lessons in this book, but it doesn’t feel like a lecture.  You learn them through the characters, as you watch them deal with what life has handed them.  You need to find your own path in life and some times it takes a life altering situation to make the path clear.

                                    I would suggest this to anyone that is about to start driving.  It might be the wake up call need to keep your eyes on the road.  


Rating:  Four Chairs – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.

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