Moving…. Moving… Moving!

My husband and I have two daughters.  Kristin of Kritters Ramblings and Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom.  Each daughter closed on a house – three days apart!!!

Now we are moving furniture and helping with house projects at both houses – as well as updating somethings at our house.

Now that we have room to spare at my house, I am getting a library room!! I am so excited.

This is the book case with the door in the middle.  We decided it made the middle one look to short.  So we tried it on the tall one.
We like this better, so now we have to order another set of door.
Well, with all this moving going on at all three of our houses – I may not have as many posts as usual.  The reading time has been set aside.  Please don’t give up on me – just a short MIA and I will be back to  my regular schedule.

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