Gaithersburg Book Festival

My daughter Kristi of Kritters Ramblings and I spent the day at the Gaithersburg Book Festival.  What an awesome book day!

Our first stop was a booth for an independent author.  Her name is Eileen K. Parsons.  Her book is The First Rose of Summer.

We went to hear Lisa Greenwald read her latest book My Summer of Pink & Green.  Lisa was fun to talk to and we were able to get the book signed.

It was a drizzly, cold ( for May ) day.  So we searched for something to warm us up and found the best crab soup we have had!  
We saw Jami Attenberg and Jennifer Close next.  They shared their books and a conversation with us.
My favorite part was meeting Jane Green.  She told us a little about her personal life – which was very interesting!  She is an awesome speaker.  She also shared a reading of the book she will be releasing next.  It was really cool to get a glimpse into her next book  Tempting Fate.

Tara Conklin and Jeanine Cummins shared their books and Q & A.  
Our last stop was Therese Anne Fowler and Caroline Leavitt.  They were enjoyable to listen to.  
What an wonderful way to spend the day with my daughter!  She always coordinates the best events for us to share.  

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