Happy Blogaversary!!

Hard to believe it has been 8 years!


I have some people I would like to thank for
getting me where I am with my reading and blogging.

Kristin ( Kritters Ramblings )  started me on this journey 8 years ago.  She had already been blogging for several years.  She knew my reading and was sure I could do this before I was sure.  She continues be the one who exchange books, thoughts on books, and book lists with me.

Emer at Harper, who has introduced me to many people, always answers my emails and a highlight at Book Expo each year.

Mary ( book fan Mary ), who I call my blogger friend.  She has always encouraged me and her blog is one I throughly enjoy reading.

Steena Holmes ( author ), who was the first one at Book Expo that was excited to see me!  It is a memory I will keep forever.

There are many more people in my life who make
blogging possible and enjoyable for me.
Thank you to all of you!

Happy Blogaversary!

Six years ago I started writing about the books I loved to read and haven’t stopped!
It is hard to believe I am still doing it. The joy of reading was passed to me from my mother and I have passed it to my daughters who are now passing it my grandchildren.  It is fun to look back on all that I have read – new authors I found ( some who aren’t new – just new to me ) – finding a book I didn’t think I would really like and falling in love with it  – and always being surprised when an author or publisher contacts me and wants me to read their book.  OH, the joy of reading – I hope to have many more years of this fun!

Thank you for going on this ride with me.


Happy 4th year of blogging!!


I do like to review what I have done this past year at this time.
I also like to look forward to see where I want to go with this blog.

It has been a bumpy year.
We had to move twice and built a house.
So my reading was not as consistent.

At times I wasn’t sure I could keep up with this blog
the way I thought it should be.
My daughters kept encouraging me.

Then I went to BEA and was rejuvenated!
Seeing all the great books coming out, the wonderful bloggers,
and a wonderful author ( Steena Holmes ) made me not to
only keep going, but improve this blog.

Happy Blogaversary!!!!

This is my 3rd Anniversary!!!!


When I started I thought I would try it for a year and see if I still enjoyed it.  It is hard to believe I am still happily reading, reviewing and occasionally sharing about my family.

One of the things I like to do on the anniversary is to reevaluate my blog.  Something that has been on my mind this past year is –

Please give me your opinion.

How long should a review be?  

What needs to be included in the review?

Is rating a book necessary?

These are some of the things that I am reevaluating on my blog.

3 ann