Happy 4th year of blogging!!


I do like to review what I have done this past year at this time.
I also like to look forward to see where I want to go with this blog.

It has been a bumpy year.
We had to move twice and built a house.
So my reading was not as consistent.

At times I wasn’t sure I could keep up with this blog
the way I thought it should be.
My daughters kept encouraging me.

Then I went to BEA and was rejuvenated!
Seeing all the great books coming out, the wonderful bloggers,
and a wonderful author ( Steena Holmes ) made me not to
only keep going, but improve this blog.

BEA 2016 Begins!!

This where it all begins!!

WElcome BEA 2016As you can see we are excited to begin our BEA experience this year!
Robyn Carr is here!!

BEAThis place is huge!!

MelissaMelissa De La Cruz has a book called
Something In Between.
It is one of my top picks this year!