Daughters for a Time

Author: Jennifer Handford
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Genre: Fiction
Source: Kristin of Kritters Ramblings

Goodreads:  Feelings of abandonment fill Helen Francis at a too-young age when her mother dies and her father walks out. Left in the care of her older sister, Claire, she moves on but never truly heals. Now thirty-five and married, Helen is desperate to start a family of her own. After four unsuccessful years of trying to become pregnant, Helen accepts the idea of adoption.

When her baby is finally in her arms, Helen experiences true exaltation. But she is quickly blindsided with the worst possible news: Claire has cancer. Helen’s wounds are again torn open as she balances the bliss of a new daughter with the grief of a dying sister.

Ope’s Opinion: This was a sad story with a positive message, it was not depressing.  The characters each handled death in different ways.  It effects the rest of their lives.  They learn and grow, so it isn’t all sad.  There are several other issues they deal with, such as an absentee father and infertility. 

I enjoyed the book even though it dealt with such heavy subjects because the author handled them in such a realistic manner.  She also balanced it with positive attitudes from some of the characters.  Claire was a very strong woman – which I enjoy reading.

The ending was a little rushed for me and maybe a little too neat, but it was a good way to end it.

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