Finding Emma

Finding Emma

Author: Steena Holmes
Publisher: Steena Holmes
Pages: 265
Genre: Mystery
Source:  BookSparks
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Goodreads:     Megan sees her daughter Emma everywhere. She’s the little girl standing in the supermarket, the child waiting for the swings at the playground, the girl with ice cream dripping down her face. But it’s never Emma.

Emma’s been missing for two years.

Unable to handle the constant heartache of all the false sightings, Megan’s husband threatens to walk away unless Megan can agree to accept Emma is gone. Megan’s life and marriage is crumbling all around her and she realizes she may have to do the thing she dreads most: move on.

When Megan takes a photo of a little girl with an elderly couple at the town fair, she believes it to be her missing daughter. Unable to let go, she sets in motion a sequence of events that could destroy both families lives.

Ope’s Opinion:  Where do I begin to tell you about this book…  It got to my heart.    Finding Emma is not your typical lost child book.  The different points of view that the story was written from  kept me turning pages and wanting to know more.  Each person in the book had some information, but no one had the whole picture until the end.  I liked that most of the story was told after the child was already gone.  Watching this family attempt to live a normal life just tore at me. 
                                    I am a mother of two girls, I can not imagine the heart ache this family went through.  Because of my perspective, I was most sympathetic to the mother’s character.
                                  At the end, I was thinking I wanted a sequel.  It was so nice to see that Steena Holmes is working on it.
                                This is a must read book!  Well worth your time.

Rating:  Five Chairs – This book is so good it will be passed on and on and on….


   FTC – Disclosure of Material Connection: 

    I received one copy of this book free of charge from Sparks PR Agency. 
        I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book;
                                                                             rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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