Oh, My Birthday!

My family spoils me!  My husband bought me a swing for my deck,
where I spend most of my time reading and reviewing my books.  Some days it is hard to get me out of my swing!  I take my computer, a good book, my cell phone and a glass of water out to the swing and I enjoy the day!

Jennifer of The Underestimated Mom  knows how much I love the beach, so she bought me two pictures for my birthday.  These pictures make me feel like I am at the beach each day!  She also bought me two book marks: eat.sleep.read.  I know my priorities.  And I judge books by their covers!


Kristin of Kritters Ramblings came to spend the day with us.  She remembered that at BEA this year, I had to borrow her wristlet, so she bought me my own.  Now I can use it at her wedding at the end of the month!

This is the business card holder she also bought me for my new blogging

My husband, my girls and their significant others took me out to dinner at Firebirds.  One of my favorite places to eat!  What a wonderful day to celebrate another year!

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