The Wives

Author: Tarryn Fisher
Publisher: Graydon House
Genre: Thriller
Source: Book Expo 2019

Goodreads:  New York Times bestselling author Tarryn Fisher delivers a pulse-pounding, fast-paced suspense novel that will leave you breathless. A thriller you won’t be able to put down!

Thursday’s husband, Seth, has two other wives. She’s never met them, and she doesn’t know anything about them. She agreed to this unusual arrangement because she’s so crazy about him.

But one day, she finds something. Something that tells a very different—and horrifying—story about the man she married.

What follows is one of the most twisted, shocking thrillers you’ll ever read.

You’ll have to grab a copy to find out why.

Ope’s Opinion:  Reading this book was like riding a rollercoaster for me.  First, I read the synopsis and wasn’t sure if the story line was one I would enjoy.  I decided to start reading anyway and see if I would enjoy it.  Well, I was sucked in right away – I did not want to put this one down!  Just about time I wanted something to happen, the story took a left turn! After that, I wasn’t sure about the whole story.  So that was my rollercoaster.  

If you want to get on the rollercoaster and take this ride – be my guest!

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Publication Date: December 30, 2019
Publisher: Graydon House

Goodreads: Imagine that your husband has two other wives.

You’ve never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you don’t care. Or at least that’s what you’ve told yourself.

But one day, while you’re doing laundry, you find a scrap of paper in his pocket—an appointment reminder for a woman named Hannah, and you just know it’s another of the wives.

You thought you were fine with your arrangement, but you can’t help yourself: you track her down, and, under false pretenses, you strike up a friendship. Hannah has no idea who you really are. Then, Hannah starts showing up to your coffee dates with telltale bruises, and you realize she’s being abused by her husband. Who, of course, is also your husband. But you’ve never known him to be violent, ever.

Who exactly is your husband, and how far would you go to find the truth? Would you risk your own life?

And who is his mysterious third wife?

What is coming soon …. to a bookshelf near you?

Let me know – I am always looking for a good read!