Book Club Puzzle

This Book Club Puzzle
combined my love of books and puzzles!

This is the poster that came inside.

Part way through the puzzle.

The puzzle finished.
The shadow is me ( my photography )
not the puzzle!

This is a Galison puzzle – I did several from this company and they have all been nice.
The pieces are a great size, easy to handle and fit together well.
1000 pieces.

Thank you Kristi for giving this puzzle to me.
It gave me hours of fun!




A Puzzle Gift

My granddaughter ( Emma) picked out this puzzle for me for Christmas.
This one was a bit of a challenge since  it has 2000 pieces.
Then I fell on ice and broke my right shoulder and right wrist.
Yes, I am right handed.
This added a challenge and hours of time while recovering – the perfect gift.

This is the beginning of the puzzle.

This puzzle was a gift
This puzzle is a Buffalo brand.
2000 pieces
There is a poster included.
The quality is above average –
the pieces are thick enough to be able to handle,
but not so thick to be clunky.
the pieces fit together well.
This particular puzzle had a lot of brown and green,
but  they were well shaded, so it was fun to
figure it all out.