Meeting Laura Lippman

Politics and Prose book store had an author signing with Laura Lippman.
My daughter Kristin of Kritters Ramblings and I had a great evening meeting her.

laura speaking

Laura Lippman talked about getting her ideas for her writing.  She took several questions from the audience about her books and her writing process.  Then she was available for signing the books.
laura signingMy sister-in-law is excited to read her book, so I got a copy signed to her!

after i am goneMy review of this book was January 29th.  It is also on Goodreads.

Meeting Koethi Zan

At Politics and Pros, Kristi of Kritters Ramblings and I went to meet Koethi Zan.

the never list

Koethi was a lawyer and enjoyed crime books.  She talked about her writing process and answered several questions.  Then she read the first chapter of her book.


This is her book:  the never listEnjoy your read!

J. Courtney Sullivan

My daughter Kristi of Kritters Ramblings and I went to Politics and Pros to see J. Courtney Sullivan.

Jennifer Close, who wrote Girls in White Dresses and The Smart One introduced Courtney.  They enjoy each others books.  It was nice to see a friendship between the two authors.
It was great to hear Courtney read from her book The Engagements.
Courtney was very sweet during the signing and enjoyed chatting with each person.  She was happy to meet bloggers and signed my copy of Commencement.