Peetswea Bag in Seattle

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle.
I took my new bag that I had just bought from Kristi at Peetswea from her Etsy shop.

sweepeat bag

In Seattle you must pay for a bag if you are buying something – keeping things green!
This bag worked to be my pocketbook and my shopping bag.

bag at starbucks

This is my bag at Starbucks.
It carried my book for some reading time with my tea and muffin in the morning.

bag at belles

This is at a place called Belle’s.
It is a french pastry shop that is a must in Seattle.

bag at airport

This bag is perfect to travel with.
This is at the airport on the way home.
The bag is holding my book, snack, and plane ticket.

Need a bag – go to Etsy shop Peetswea.