Cupcake Cousins – Summer Showers

cupcake cousins summer

Author: Kate Hannigan
Publisher: Disney – Hyperion
Genre: Children’s Book
Source:  BEA 2016

Goodreads:  It’s summertime, and the Bumpus family is growing! Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jonathan are expecting twins, and the entire family gathers together at Whispering Pines for a baby shower. Willow and Delia’s grandmother gives each of her grandchildren a family heirloom, but Willow’s has disappeared. Could it be lost in the cupcake batter-or will she have to tell her grandmother it’s gone for good? Follow cousins Willow and Delia’s tasty recipes once again as they solve the mystery of the missing keepsake and celebrate the excitement of new cousins in the second book in this charming series.

cupcake cousins

Ope’s Opinion:  I started reading this to Emma, who is 7 years old.  I think it was a little too long for her attention span.  I read it myself – it kept my attention, so I will try to read it to her again in about a year.  I liked the story and the characters.  It is appropriate and parents will actually like to read it themselves.