Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between

Author: Jennifer E. Smith       hello
Publisher: Poppy
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult
Source: BEA



Goodreads:  On the night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan have only one thing left to do: figure out whether they should stay together or break up. Over the course of twelve hours, they retrace the steps of their relationship, trying to find something in their past that might help them decide what their future should be. The night leads them to family and friends, familiar landmarks and unexpected places, hard truths and surprising revelations. But as the clock winds down and morning approaches, so does their inevitable goodbye. The question is, will it be goodbye for now or goodbye forever?

Charming, bittersweet, and full of wisdom and heart, this irresistible novel from Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, explores the difficult choices that arise when life and love lead in different directions.

Ope’s Opinion: I just finished this book – it was so good!  Anyone who left for college or is getting ready to, will certainly relate to the story of good byes.  It is an emotionally hard time of life, with so much uncertainty ahead.  I think Jennifer E. Smith captured the emotional roller coaster very well.

When reading this book you need to remember it is a YA.  It is written from a young adults perspective, for young adults to relate to.   If you remember that time – these characters express a lot of the emotions that are happening at that point of life.  Just enjoy the read.

Rating:  4 – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.