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Publication Date:  May 30, 2017
Publisher:  Park Row Books

Goodreads:  Bestselling author Karma Brown is back with a morally infused and emotionally riveting exploration of one woman’s guilt over an unexpected—yet avoidable—tragedy.

Meg Pepper has a fulfilling career and a happy family. Most days she’s able to keep it all together and glide through life. But then, in one unalterable moment, everything changes.

After school pickup one day, she stops her car to wave a teenage boy across the street…just as another car comes hurtling down the road and slams into him.

Meg can’t help but blame herself for her role in this horrific disaster. Full of remorse, she throws herself into helping the boy’s family as he rehabs from his injuries. But the more Meg tries to absolve herself, the more she alienates her own family—and the more she finds herself being drawn to the boy’s father, Andrew.

Soon Meg’s picture-perfect life is unravelling before her eyes. As the painful secrets she’s been burying bubble dangerously close to the surface, she will have to decide: Can she forgive herself, or will she risk losing everything she holds dear to her heart?

Both of the these are from William Morrow

Publication Date:  May 16, 2017
Publisher:  William Morrow

Goodreads:  Bestselling author Georgia Bockoven is at her powerful and emotional peak in this novel perfect for fans of Nancy Thayer and Elin Hilderbrand.

Unlock the door to the beach house…a place where life slows down, people come together, and love is the strongest force of all.

After you’ve given your baby to strangers, what do you say when someone asks if you have children?

Fourteen years ago, Melinda Campbell was fifteen and a half, pregnant and terrified. Desperate to protect her baby from a malicious grandfather and needed at home to take care of her own critically ill father, Melinda makes the most generous, heart-wrenching choice of all: adoption. Now she’s living the successful life her father struggled to give her, but missing her daughter with a longing that shadows every joy.

Jeremy Richmond knows the beach house the way a painter knows his canvas, intimately and focused on detail. His life revolves around his adopted daughter, Shiloh, the girl who’s owned his heart from the moment he first held her as an infant. They were a picture-perfect family until Shiloh was diagnosed with pediatric lupus and Jeremy’s wife walked away.

When Shiloh tells her father she’s tired of fighting her illness and wants to meet her biological mother before it’s too late, Jeremy agrees to find a woman he has no desire to meet.

From the moment Melinda and Jeremy come face-to-face, they realize their worlds will never be the same. Will the beach house that has harbored troubled hearts for decades prove to be the balm they need to heal…?

Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Publisher:  HarperCollins

Goodreads:  New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank returns to her magical Lowcountry of South Carolina in this bewitching story of marriage, love, family, and friendship that is infused with her warm and engaging earthy humor and generous heart.

One enchanted summer, two couples begin a friendship that will last more than twenty years and transform their lives.

A chance meeting on the Isle of Palms, one of Charleston’s most stunning barrier islands, brings former sweethearts, Adam Stanley and Eve Landers together again. Their respective spouses, Eliza and Carl, fight sparks of jealousy flaring from their imagined rekindling of old flames. As Adam and Eve get caught up on their lives, their partners strike up a deep friendship—and flirt with an unexpected attraction—of their own.

Year after year, Adam, Eliza, Eve, and Carl eagerly await their reunion at Wild Dunes, a condominium complex at the island’s tip end, where they grow closer with each passing day, building a friendship that will withstand financial catastrophe, family tragedy, and devastating heartbreak. The devotion and love they share will help them weather the vagaries of time and enrich their lives as circumstances change, their children grow up and leave home, and their twilight years approach.

Bursting with the intoxicating richness of Dorothea Benton Frank’s beloved Lowcountry—the sultry sunshine, cool ocean breezes, icy cocktails, and starry velvet skies—Same Beach, Next Year is a dazzling celebration of the infrangible power of friendship, the enduring promise of summer, and the indelible bonds of love.

Can’t wait to read these !!! 

Return to the Beach House

Author: Georgia Bockoven
Publisher:  William Morrow                   return
Genre: Fiction
Source: Purchased



Goodreads:  Over the course of one year, in a charming cottage by the sea, eight people will discover love and remembrance, reconciliation and reunion, beginnings and endings in this unforgettable sequel to Georgia Bockoven’s The Beach House and Another Summer.
Alison arrives at the beach house in June to spend a month with her restless grandson before he leaves for his freshman year in college. Over a decade before, Alison lost her beloved husband, and has faced life alone ever since. Now she discovers a new life, and possible new love.
August brings together four college friends facing a milestone. Across summer’s final days, they share laughter, tears, and love—revealing long-held secrets and creating new and even more powerful bonds.
World-class wildlife photographer, Matthew, and award-winning war photographer, Lindsey, arrive at the beach house in January, each harboring the very real fear that it will mark the end of their decade-long love affair. Alone in the house’s warm peace, they will be forced to truly look at who they are and what they want, discovering surprising truths that will change their lives forever.

Ope’s Opinion: This is the third and I think final book in The Beach House series by Georgia Bockoven.  The renters in this book were enjoyable to read.  It was fun to see one of the renters in there during the winter season.

This is definitely a great series to take to the beach.  With the book divided into renter months, it lets you read each part easily.  The book cover really went with the stories inside – being at the beach house and feeling like it was a healing place.

I have a couple more of Georgia Bockovens books on my shelf and I am really looking forward to reading them.

Rating: 4 – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.

Another Summer

Author:  Georgia Bockoven
Publisher: William Morrow                                      another summer
Genre: Fiction
Source: Kristin of Kritters Rambling   


Goodreads:  Weaving together love and laughter, heartache and hope, promise and passion, Another Summer returns to the world of The Beach House with new stories entwined in a powerful emotional journey.

A twentieth high school reunion reunites lovers who must learn to trust again. Teenagers from opposite worlds discover that having a chip on their shoulder only makes it harder to get through doors. An ambitious corporate attorney finds herself falling for the man she has vowed to destroy in the courtroom. A young family, reeling from a devastating loss, meets a mysterious older couple and a half-starved stray cat that will guide them back to each other.

None of these people will leave the beach house the same as they were before. . . .

Ope’s Opinion:  This is the second book in Georgia Bockoven’s series The Beach House.  The renters in the this book are very different from the first book and very different from each other.  You will probably find one that you really relate to.  

The July renters for me were not as well developed characters and the story went from really sad to really happy and all settled too fast.  I needed more on that story.  I would give the rest of the book a 5!

I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series.


Rating:  4 – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.


The Beach House

Author:  Georgia Bockoven
Publisher: William Morrow                  beach house
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Purchase


Goodreads:  The beach house is a peaceful haven, a place to escape everyday problems. Here, three families find their feelings intensified and their lives transformed each summer.

When thirty-year-old Julia, mourning the death of her husband, decides to sell the Santa Cruz beach house they owned together, she sets in motion a final summer that will change the lives of all the families who rent it year after year. Teenaged Chris discovers the bittersweet joy of first love. Maggie and Joe, married sixty-five years, courageously face a separation that even their devotion cannot prevent. The married woman Peter yearns for suddenly comes within his reach. And Julia ultimately finds the strength to rebuild her life—something she once thought impossible.

With equal measures of heartbreak and happiness, bestselling author Georgia Bockoven’s unforgettable novel tells of the beauty of life and the power of love, and speaks to every woman who has ever clung to a child or loved a man.

Ope’s Opinion:  Georgia Bockoven wrote such deep, compelling characters in this book it brought me to tears.  When you pick up this book to read  ( and you should pick it up to read ) be sure to bring a couple of tissues with you.

I really liked how the book was layed out in months – with chapters in each month.  It made the story flow.  Each month brought new people to the house and kept you up with the other people in the stories.

I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.  I am sure Georgia Bockoven will bring more interesting characters to the beach house.

Rating: 5 – This book is so good it will be passed on and on and on…..

Things Remembered

Author:  Georgia Bockoven
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks      things
Genre:  Women’s Fiction
Source:  Kristin of Kritters Ramblings



Goodreads:  To face the future, a woman must let go of the past. . . .

Returning to her childhood home in the golden hills of Northern California means regret and pain for Karla Esterbrook. Yet she can’t refuse when her ailing grandmother, Anna, asks her to help settle her affairs. After all, Anna raised Karla and her younger sisters after their parents’ death twenty years before. But from the beginning a powerful clash of wills separated Karla and her grandmother, leaving them both bitter and angry.

Little does Karla know that a very determined Anna will do everything in her power to bridge the chasm between them. But can the wounds of the past truly be healed? For Karla, opening her heart could lead to more hurt—or perhaps to reconciliation . . . and a love the likes of which she has never known. 

Ope’s Opinion: This is my February book off Kristin’s of Kritters Ramblings bookshelf.

If you haven’t read Georgia Bockoven before this would be a great place to start.  This story is very heartwarming.  When you start reading you will immediately have a connection with the characters.  

This story reminds me to enjoy and cherish my time with my girls.  Having traditions and making memories to pass down to the next generation is important. I did have a few tears while reading since I have lost my mom. This story is not morbid or even sad – it is more hopeful.

I will be reading more Georgia Bockoven’s books.

Rating: Five Chairs – This book is so good it will be passed on and on and on…..