Gone Too Soon

Author: Dani Atkins
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source:  Kristin of Kritters Ramblings

Goodreads: I’d have done everything differently if I had known she’d be gone so soon… When Lisa married Alex, she gave his life meaning. She was a professional astronomer: a stargazer. And when she gazed at Alex, she saw that behind his tough exterior was a man she could love.

Alex, Lisa and their young son Connor made a happy little universe. But then Lisa dies in a train crash, and their perfect world is destroyed. Alex is shattered by loss, and overwhelmed by the difficulties of being a single father to a six-year-old boy. How can he and Connor carry on without Lisa lighting up their lives?

Then Alex meets four strangers. Two men and two women, who never met Lisa, but whose lives changed profoundly because of her. As Alex hears their stories, he begins to realise the world may not be as cruel and senseless as it seems. If you can find the strength to start over, there are new beginnings and silver linings in even our most heartbreaking moments…

Ope’s Opinion:  Have you seen the movie Return to Me?  This book reminds me of that movie.  It is so full of scenes that are both heartwarming and heart wrenching.  

As sad as this story is, it is full of hope too.  Watching Alex and Connor come to terms with their loss was hard, but they had so many people to help them through it.

Although I don’t think I can read two of these in a row, I will look up Dani Atkins back list of books and put those on my TBR list.