Collision Course

Author: Chuck Gleason                        collision course
Publisher: Black Rose Writing 
Genre:  Fiction
Source:  Virtual Author Book Tours

Goodreads:  Is there a literary Grandpa Moses in our midst? Author Chuck Gleason age 84, is writing love stories at a prodigious rate. Author of Collision Course, Chuck Gleason says,”We’ve been married 63 years. Ought to know something about love.” Collision Course is a warm loving story about two college kids off on a rocky road to romance. A story filled with excitement and love, guaranteed to leave readers smiling.

Ope’s Opinion:  I did like the general story this book told.  Two college students who fall in love sounded like a good read to me.  The romance between Lincoln and Keli was on and off so often, I couldn’t keep track.  

The writing was choppy, the dialogue was stiff and unrealistic.  I don’t know people who talk to each other the way this book was written.

  Lincoln’s mother had no redeeming characteristics.  There wasn’t any background to really know why his mother was such a difficult person, so you had no connection to her.

Overall, I was disappointed in this read.

Rating:  Two Chairs – I may have one friend who might like this book.