How does a book cover influence you?

I recently read an article from the Washington Post about book covers.  It fascinated me and made me stop to think… how much does the cover influence my decision to buy or read a book?


Give me a book with a beach cover and I am drawn in every time!  What draws your eye to a book?  Are you more likely to pick up a  haunted cover?  Do you like the winter scenes?  Does it change depending on the time of the year?

I also noticed that a book may come out with different covers.  For example Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has one cover for hard back and another for mass market.  Is there a different audience for different editions?gone girl


goneThe one on the left is the hard cover and the one on the right is the mass market.  Which one is more appealing to your eye?





Is the focus on the authors name or the title of the book more likely to get you to pick it up?

I am amazed at all that goes into the process of getting a book out there so we will buy it.  The cover, the synopsis, hardcover/ paperback, different print, the feel of the pages and so much more.

Please share your favorite book cover.
Tell me what attracted you to that book.