Happy New Year!!

As the new year starts I usually reevaluate my blogging.  It gives me the chance to see what I may need to change and what I can improve on.  One of my goals is to visit more libraries and book stores.  As I do, I will share them with you.

As those who follow me know, I moved a couple of years ago into a new community that keeps me very busy.  I have had a struggle keeping up with my reading schedule.  At times it has become a chore instead of an enjoyment.  So this year I am going to slow down the reading and enjoy it when I have the time.

We also have the exciting news that my daughter will be having our third grandchild in February.  I am looking forward to that bundle of joy and will want to steal the other two grandchildren away for some Ope time.

It should be an exciting year.  Join me in to see where the blogging goes.