Wedding of the Season

Author: Lauren Edmondson
Publisher: Graydon House
Genre: Fiction
Source: Graydon House ( Netgalley )

Goodreads: It’s the wedding of the season and all of Newport is abuzz in this funny, joyous, whip-smart novel about two modern-day society families and the summer wedding that has the whole town talking…

Despite its beauty, Newport is a place Cass Coventry would prefer to forget. But after an extended absence, she’s back in her hometown to celebrate her sister’s engagement—even if she’s marrying into the family that famously stole the Gilded Age Coventry mansion out from under them a decade ago.

The moment Cass pulls up to the estate, she’s in for one surprise after another. The bride-to-be is hiding a big secret. Her mother has royal-wedding aspirations. And, when the date is set for only three months away, a local gossip blog makes the two families its new favorite subject.

It’s not long before Cass’s weekend in town becomes a full summer of frenzied wedding planning and society drama—but also idyllic sails, starry nights, and a former love. As the grand affair arrives, along with new truths about her family, Cass must finally face her own thorny past in Newport and decide how to honor the Coventry legacy in all its chaotic glory.

Ope’s Opinion: A book about a wedding, crazy family and secrets should have been an amazing story, but I kept getting lost in all the details that didn’t move the story along. I had trouble getting involved with the characters. I also got lost as to why Cass left Newport to begin with and what happened to her next assignment – did I miss something?

I really wanted to get lost in this book, but I found myself not really being drawn back to read it – maybe that is why I felt like it moved so slow.


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