Starting Over on Sunshine Corner

Author: Phoebe Mills
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Forever ( Netgalley )

Goodreads: A busy single-mom. A laid-back bachelor. One unforgettable night that changes their friendship—and their lives—forever . . .

Single-mom Rebecca Hayes has been so focused on raising her daughter and building her finance career, she’s not sure she even remembers how to date. The only man she’s been out with is Jackson, her very close—and very attractive—friend. But Becca isn’t getting her hopes up after they crossed the line one memorable night—she knows Jackson too well. So when she discovers she’s pregnant with his baby, Becca isn’t sure she can count on Jackson anymore . . .

Fatherhood isn’t something Jackson Lowe saw for himself. He figured he’d just keep working at his family’s landscaping business, surfing and being a happily unattached bachelor. But in his heart, he longs to build a family with Rebecca—his secret crush and the real reason he never settled down. He’s got a lot of work to do before she’ll believe he’s all in. He’s been the man Becca wants. Now, Jackson has to prove he’s ready to be the man she needs.

Ope’s Opinion: This was so much fun to read! I enjoyed seeing some of the characters from A Wedding on Sunshine Corner. This is a series. I did not read the first one ( might go back to do that ), but each one can stand alone. I actually liked this more than the second one.

I like the friends to lover trope. It is one of my favorites, especially when the friendship is from when they were young. This one had a few little conflicts, but the couple kept communicating so they could work it – I like that. It frustrates me when I want to yell at the book ” just talk to each other” – there was not any of that in this book.

I would like to read more of Phoebe Mills books. She is easy to read and has great characters that feel real.


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