The Social Climber

Author: Amanda Pellegrino
Publisher: Park Row
Genre: Mystery/ Thriller
Source: Park Row ( Emer & Sophie )


For Eliza Bennett, all her planning and scheming for her dream wedding is about to pay off. She’s girlbossed her way into an elite Manhattan lifestyle, including a high-powered job in PR and an engagement to Graham Walker, a high-society Yale graduate from a prominent blue-blooded family.

But as the big day approaches, secrets from Eliza’s past attendance at an Evangelical college start to throw her true motives into question. Who exactly is Eliza Bennett and what does she really want?

Written with a breakneck pace and capturing the glittering, privileged world of the one-percenters, The Night We Met is a gripping novel that shows how you can never truly outrun your past—nor the people from it.

Ope’s Opinion: This was an interesting read that took a long time to figure out where the story was going. Eliza’s past was not always enjoyable to read about, but it made her who she was.

Going back and forth between the present and the past showed you who Eliza was and how she got where she was, but it did not explain where she was going. I knew Eliza was working toward something and was hiding something, but it was not clear through most of the book.

The ending brought everything together, it explained the whole story. I almost wish I had read the last chapter, then read the rest of the story – I might have actually enjoyed it that way.

The steamy scenes and the constant use of the “f” word took away from the story for me.


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