Summer Island Romance

Author: Ciara Knight
Publisher: Author Collective 20
Genre: Romance
Source: Author Collective 20 ( Netgalley )

Amazon: Broadway star, Wind Lively, steals the show whenever she enters the room, but when her childhood flame decides she’s too much for him to handle her spark goes out.

Damon Reynolds returns to Summer Island for peace and quiet after a decade of descent into his ex-wife’s political parties and painful propaganda only to collide with his boisterous and beautiful childhood sweetheart.

But when Damon is put in charge of set design for the church passion play that Wind is directing, his life turns anything but tranquil.

Ope’s Opinion: Although this was a short story, it was packed with fully developed, amazing characters and a wonderful story. This was a fast, easy read. I finished it in two days and I am a slow reader.

This was a second chance romance, but it was also about a small town who cared about each other. They worked together to help special needs children feel great about themselves. It was nice to read about characters that were not self-centered.

I will continue to read Ciara Knights books.


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