Summer Island Hope

Author: Ciara Knight
Publisher: Author Collective 20
Genre: Romance
Source: Author Collective 20 ( Netgalley )

Goodreads: Business tycoon, Weston Knox, focused on his career avoiding marriage and family since his mother died in childbirth until he met Kathleen. Now, he wants nothing more than to sweep his soon-to-be fiancé off her feet to live on private islands in exotic locations until he arrives to find her so ill she can barely stand on her own.

Fit, fabulous, and fifty make Kathleen Stein’s life perfect, especially since she’s about to marry the man of her dreams-a workaholic with no desire for children-when she discovers she’s pregnant.

Together, they must learn to navigate through fear of family, a high-risk pregnancy, troublesome family, friends, and a mischievous ferret to find their new happily ever after.

Ope’s Opinion: This is my second Ciara Knight book and I hope there will be more! She swept me away with this story. It was very fast paced. I would have enjoyed some more time with these characters.

The romance and pregnancy was the center of the story, but the friendships were just as important. All the women were strong, independent and had other interests along with their romances. The women also encouraged the men in their lives to support each other and have their own friendship.

I will be looking for Ciara’s next book.

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