The Price of Secrets

Author: Jacquie May Miller
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Genre: Romance
Source: The Wild Rose Press, Inc ( Netgalley )

Netgalley: When Jamie Crandall left Seattle for college twenty-five years ago, she was pregnant. Her mother demanded that she abort the child or get the hell out of Seattle and never come back.

Jamie chose the latter, using her scholarship to UC Berkeley to disappear with the son she refused to abort. But now, everything has changed. Her mother has died, and Jamie is coming home to face the father of her son.

Reuniting her son and his father will come at a high price though…Jamie has one more secret left to reveal.

Ope’s Opinion: The book started out a little slow, but moved fast the further I was into it. All the characters had their flaws and their secrets. As the secrets came out, they lead to other secrets. It was sort of a domino effect.

I enjoyed the fact that the relationships started in high school and this was a rekindling of some of those feelings. The story had several twist I enjoyed.

The ending was a little sappy and predictable and I loved it – it was exactly what I wanted.

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