Family Reunion

Author: Nancy Thayer
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Source: Ballantine Books

Goodreads: Eleanor Sunderland loves living on the Nantucket cliffside, in a charming home that has been in her family for decades. Now widowed, she looks forward to the arrival of her children and grandchildren for an annual family reunion, eager for the life and laughter that will soon fill the air.

But Eleanor’s island idyll is shattered when her money-driven children suggest she sell the house and move to a retirement community. She finds a lone ally in her twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, Ari, who moves in with her for the summer. Ari longs for a change of scenery, to stray from the path her parents have set for her. What she does not expect is an electric romantic spark with a Nantucket local, Cal, whose kind heart and charisma have her absolutely smitten.

With plenty of her signature Nantucket magic, Nancy Thayer brings both Eleanor and Ari on a summer beyond their wildest imaginations, filled with exciting connections, old and new.

Ope’s Opinion: This is a drama filled story, with a beautiful setting ( Nantucket ) and characters that feel like family. There were a few surprises along the way.

Eleanor is my kind of woman – she is strong, independent, and knows her own mind. She does jigsaw puzzles, reads books and walks on the beach ( me too! ). Her granddaughter, Ari, spends the summer with her. Ari takes after her grandmother in all the best ways. Their relationship was enjoyable to read.

The ending was everything I wanted. I am waiting for Nancy Thayer’s next book.

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