The Menu

Author: Steven Manchester
Publisher: Luna Bella Press
Genre: Christian Fiction
Source: Steven Manchester

Goodreads:  Blessed with a high emotional IQ, Phinn Reed enters the world with the promise of finding his soul mate. With heaven’s memories erased, his romantic quest teaches him that the heart often sees clearer than the eyes—and that not everyone has ordered the same items from The Menu. Evidence that love stories come in many different forms, The Menu is a spiritual journey involving more than just a man and a woman; it is a modern-day tale that reaches far beyond the boundaries of reason. 

Ope’s Opinion: I have been a fan of Steven Manchesters from his first book.  If you have not read his books yet, this one would be a good place to start.   If you have a church library, this book needs to be there – you may need more then one copy!

This is a story of life, love and faith, which is written in such a heart felt way that it will stick with you long after the read.  More than likely, there is someone you will want to pass this book on to.

This book is about choices and living with them – one of your choices should be to read this book!

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