Waiting at Hayden

Author: Riley Costello
Publisher: Sullivan & Shea Publishing
Genre:  Romance
Source:  Purchased

Goodreads:  From a fresh new voice in women’s fiction comes a page-turning, relatable love story about the complicated nature of timing in modern-day relationships.

Childhood best friends Charli Anderson and Jack Logan fall madly in love during college and can’t imagine a life apart. But when they land dream opportunities on opposite ends of the country following graduation, they are forced to make a heart-wrenching pact. In the hope of one day restarting their love story, they set a date to reunite in five years at their favorite restaurant.

Restaurant owner Gianna Hayden is thirty-seven, single, and one bad date away from giving up on finding the right guy when she meets Peter Clark on a dating website. Attractive, kind, and driven, he is exactly what she thought she was looking for. But as the day of Charli and Jack’s reservation approaches, Gianna finds herself reflecting on the kind of passionate love her former customers once had and begins to question her bond with Peter.

These two riveting stories converge on the night of the fateful reunion. Gianna, Charli, and Jack are all forced to make difficult choices as they struggle to follow their hearts, and ultimately each must decide where their true feelings lie before time runs out.

Waiting at Hayden’s is the first book to be published in the new reading experience format shopfiction™, which Costello coined and branded. The digital version of this book contains links to watch key scenes unfold and to shop the characters’ clothes. The print versions contain web addresses to do the same.

Ope’s Opinion: There were two love stories going on at the same time in this book.  Charli and Jack’s story is amazing, and breath taking.  Gianna’s story is a nice background story  that tied into Charli and Jack’s story.  

This easy to read, light romance should be put on your TBR list.  Once you start reading, you will want your world to stop so you can keep reading until the end.  When you get to the end you’ll be sad it is over.  It was even better then I had hoped.


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