Bread Bags & Bullies

Author: Steven Manchester
Publisher: Luna Bella Press
Genre: Fiction
Source: Steven Manchester 


Goodreads:  It’s the winter of 1984. Twelve-year old Herbie and his two brothers—Wally and Cockroach—are enjoying the mayhem of winter break when a late Nor’easter blows through New England, trapping their quirky family in the house. The power goes out and playing Space Invaders to AC DC’s Back in Black album is suddenly silenced—forcing them to use their twisted imaginations in beating back the boredom. At a time when the brothers must overcome one fear after the next, they learn that courage is the one character trait that guarantees all others.
This hysterical coming-of-age tale is jam-packed with enough nostalgia to satisfy anyone who grew up in the ‘80s or at least had the good fortune to travel through them. 

Ope’s Opinion:  If you were a boy in the 80’s and had brothers, you would probably relate to this story.  I am a reader of Steven Manchester and I do enjoy his books.  He has a way of making his characters feel real  ( like someone you know).  

I enjoyed being taken back in time. It gave me an inside perspective of my brothers lives as they were growing up.  This was an easy read, as Steven’s writing flows.

I still think Goodnight, Brian is my favorite Manchester book.  If you enjoy this one and haven’t read his other books – go back and look them up.


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