Girl Most Likely

Author: Max Allen Collins
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Genre: Mystery
Source:  Katie at Little Bird Publicity


Goodreads:  t’s never too late for revenge in this thrilling novel by New York Times bestselling and award-winning crime master Max Allan Collins.

In a small Midwest town, twenty-eight-year-old Krista Larson has made her mark as the youngest female police chief in the country. She’s learned from the best: her father, Keith, a decorated former detective. But as accustomed as they are to the relative quiet of their idyllic tourist town, things quickly turn with Krista’s ten-year high school reunion.

With the out-of-towners holed up in a lakefront lodge, it doesn’t take long to stir up old grudges and resentments. Now a successful TV host, Astrid Lund, voted the “Girl Most Likely to Succeed”—and then some—is back in town. Her reputation as a dogged reporter has made the stunning blonde famous. Her reputation among her former classmates and rivals has made her infamous. Astrid’s list of enemies is a long one. And as the reunion begins, so does a triple murder investigation.

Krista and her father are following leads and opening long-locked doors from their hometown to the Florida suburbs to Chicago’s underworld. They just never imagined what would be revealed: the secrets and scandals of Krista’s own past.

Ope’s Opinion: I feel like this was the beginning of a series for police chief Krista Larson.  Max All Collins introduced us to the town and a whole host of people who could show up in later books. 

At times I felt like there were a lot of things thrown in just to make you question who you thought did it.  I am not sure the author made that work, it was just kind of distracting.

The ending felt like the end of a CSI show.  It didn’t feel real, but it felt like it was setting us up for the next book.