The Other Side of the Bridge

Author: Camron Wright
Publisher: Shadow Moutain
Genre: Fiction
Source: Kristin of Kritters Ramblings


Goodreads:  Two coasts. Two strangers.
And a bridge that silently beckons them both.

Katie Connelly has lived in San Francisco all her life. Her late father made his career on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the many stories of how he saved jumpers still haunt her. And now her job assignment is to write about the history of the bridge—a history that includes a secret journal about a promise ring and a love story that may be the answer to her unresolved sorrow.

Meanwhile, Dave Riley, a marketing executive in New York, has sorrows of his own. Grasping at straws after tragedy strikes his family, he decides to follow a daydream that has turned into an obsession: to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge on a motorcycle on the Fourth of July.

Does the bridge somehow mysteriously hold the answers both Katie and Dave are looking for? Or will they find something completely different when they get to the other side?

Ope’s Opinion:  This book took me on quiet a journey.  I was interested in the characters right from the beginning.  I was also interested to find out how their paths would cross – they were such different people, from different places, with different experiences – how could their stories intersect? 

Parts of the book were depressing.. just keep reading it.  Both main characters had hard lives with losses.  There were some parts that were not believable or necessarily added anything to the story.

I am not sure of the ending. For me, it seemed incomplete and a little hard to believe.

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