Pretty, Nasty, Lovely

Author: Rosalind Noonan
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Genre: Thriller
Source:  Purchased


Goodreads:  Sisterhood has a price . . .

Pledging to Theta Pi at Merriwether University seemed to offer Emma Danelski a passport to friendship, fun, and popularity. But the excitement of pledge training quickly fades, as does the warmth of her so-called sisters. What’s left is a stifling society filled with petty rules, bullying, and manipulation. Most haunting are the choices Emma makes in the wake of another sorority sister’s suicide . . .

It doesn’t matter that no one else needs to know what Emma did, or how vastly different life at Theta House is from the glossy image it projects. Emma knows. And now, with her loyalties tested, she must decide which secrets are worth keeping and how far she’ll go to protect them–and herself . . .

Ope’s Opinion:  Rosalind Noonan can weave the best stories.  She wove a good story again this time, but it was not one of my favorite books from her.  The subject was hard to read and I didn’t love the characters. 

When the story moved from past to present it was confusing some times.  I wasn’t sure what order events happened in.  There were also so many other side stories going on that took away from Lydia’s story.

Throughout this whole book I felt like I was being told the story, but I never felt a part of it.  I will read Rosalind Noonan again.

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