In This Moment

Author: Karma Brown
Publisher: Row Parks Books
Genre: Fiction
Source:  Row Parks Books

Goodreads:  Bestselling author Karma Brown is back with a morally infused and emotionally riveting exploration of one woman’s grief and guilt over an unexpected yet avoidable tragedy.

Meg Pepper has a fulfilling career as a real estate agent, a hardworking husband on the verge of starting his own medical practice and a surprisingly good-natured teenage daughter. Most days Meg is able to keep it all together—thanks to an endless stream of alerts on her phone—and (more or less) seamlessly glide through life.

After school pickup one day, Meg and her daughter, Audrey, are driving home when they see Jack, the twin brother of Audrey’s boyfriend, up ahead. Seeing a group of boys on the other side of the road, Meg stops her car to wave him across the street just as an SUV comes hurtling down the road and slams into Jack. The driver—a high-school teacher in the process of texting—did not see Jack crossing the road.

Meg can’t help but blame herself for this horrific accident. Guilt-stricken and desperate with grief, Meg throws herself into helping Jack’s family as he rehabs from his injuries. But the more she tries to absolve herself of what she feels responsible for, the more she alienates her own family. The ripple effects that follow tear at the ties that bind her to those she loves the most, causing her to risk losing everything she holds dear to her heart.

Ope’s Opinion:  This book was about how one decision can effect the rest of your life.  After stopping to let Jack cross the street, Meg’s entire life’s course changed.  It really made me think about something I think as so simple, may end up being a fork in the road that makes a big difference.

Although I am a huge fan of Karma Brown, and I did like this book, it is not my favorite of hers.  If you read her before, you don’t want to miss this one.  If you haven’t read her before, look on Goodreads and start with a different one.

I will definitely be reading her next one.  Keep writing Karma Brown and I will keep reading.

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