More Than Friends

moreAuthor: Barbara Delinsky
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Romance
Source:  Purchased


Goodreads:  More Than Friends is a moving, unforgettable story of friendship, love, and forgiveness a classic from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky.

The Maxwells and the Popes have been friends forever. The women were college roommates, their husbands are partners in the same law firm, their kids have grown up next door to each other, and the two families share both vacations and holidays.

All is beautiful and serene in their “perfect” shared suburban Eden until a tragic accident forces these very close friends and neighbors to look more deeply beneath the surface. And when their idyllic lives are unexpectedly shattered by a moment that can never be erased or forgotten, their faith in one another and in themselves is put to the supreme test.

Ope’s Opinion:  When I started this book I felt like I had read it before.  I kept reading to see if I had.  At the end, I was still not sure.

My daughter Kristin of Kritters Ramblings suggested I read the first book I put on my Goodreads  each month.  So this is the one that came up.  It is definitely a dated book – there were no cell phones, no emails, and many other little things that let me know how old this book really is!!

The cheating happened in the beginning of the book.  It felt like it happened haphazardly.  There was no build up of attraction between the two.  The rest of the book was the consequences of their actions.


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