Now I’ll Tell You Everything


Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult
Source:  Purchased



Goodreads:  Alice McKinley is going to college! And everything, from her room to her classes to her friends, is about to change. Stoically, nervously, Alice puts her best foot forward…and steps into the rest of her life.

Just how crazy will her college life get? Will Alice’s dream of becoming a psychologist come true? Are she and her BFFs destined to remain BFFs? And with so many miles between them, will Alice and Patrick stay together…or is there a hot, mysterious stranger in her future? As Alice well knows, life isn’t always so predictable, and there are more than a few curveballs waiting to be thrown her way.

This is it. The grand finale. You’ve loved her, you’ve learned with her, you’ve watched her grow up through twenty-eight books. And now everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Alice McKinley will be revealed!

Ope’s Opinion:  This was a very long book.  Parts of it were deep and fun to read.  Parts of it went fast – years past by quickly, but felt rushed.  I think trying to fit all of this into one book was a bit too much.

This is one book where you did need to read from the beginning of the series or you would be lost on a lot of the background and the relationships that were wound up in each other.


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