The View from Prince Street

prince street

Author: Mary Ellen Taylor
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Source: Kristin of Kritters Ramblings

Goodreads:  The author of The Union Street Bakery and At the Corner of King Street returns to Alexandria, Virginia, with a heartfelt tale of reconnection.

Rae McDonald was fifteen when a car accident took her sister’s life and threw her own into reckless turmoil. When she got pregnant a year later, she found a loving couple to adopt the child. Since then, she’s buried her grief and guilt under a heart of stone.

Lisa Smyth survived the fateful crash, but never told the truth about what happened. And when a family obligation draws her back to Alexandria, the weight of Lisa’s guilt grows heavier by the day.

As both women confront a past refusing to be forgotten, long-buried artifacts are discovered by the Shire Architectural Salvage Company that point to a shared history between families.  Now, Rae and Lisa must finally ask themselves if denying the past is worth sacrificing the future.

Ope’s Opinion:  If you like history infused with a story – this book is for you.  Living close to Alexandria made this story feel like I was walking the streets that are familiar to me.  

This story showed how the past really effects every part of Rae’s and Lisa’s lives.  Because of one accident a lot of other decisions were made that brought them to the present.  The way Mary Ellen Taylor weaves the past into the present story, it all came together.

I have read several of Taylor’s books and I am ready to read more.   

Rating:  4

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