Relax-a-bye Baby

Author: Mimi Sommers
Illustrator: Dana Theveneau                  relax
Genre:  Children’s Book
Publisher: Angus MacGregor Book
Source: New Shelves




Goodreads:  Ever have trouble getting your little one to settle down for bed? Relax-a-bye Baby is a painless bedtime guide as well as a fun and interactive approach to body relaxation and mindfulness. Think of this book as a useful bonding tool for parents and other caregivers. Let’s put an end to the bedtime frustration and embrace the wonders of bedtime – one child at a time.

Ope’s Opinioin: This is the perfect bed time book.  It relaxed my granddaughters and me too!!!  It has a nice rhythm to it.  I enjoyed reading it as much as the girls enjoy hearing it.  This is one of those books that I think I will passed down to the next generation.

emma and payton

These are the girls I get the privilege to read to.  Emma my five year old granddaughter asked her dad to read it at bed time.

Rating:  We all gave it a high five!



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