Before the Storm

Author: Steena Holmes           before the storm
Publisher: Steena Holmes
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Purchase



Goodreads:  Fans of Jodi Picoult and Elin Hilderbrand will fall in love with this new series that sets the stage for her upcoming novel, Stillwater Rising, from NY Times bestselling author Steena Holmes.

Before the first shots are fired within the walls of Stillwater Elementary School, life went on as normal for five women who were close friends. Their monthly girls’ night was coming up and they couldn’t wait to get together. They all needed this night to run away and be carefree – from their husbands, their children, their church – with no expectations, no responsibilities, where they weren’t mothers or wives.

No one expected their lives to be torn apart, their friendships tested in one short minute when their town is rocked by a danger lurking in their tight-knit community.

This novella gives you a glimpse into the town of Stillwater Bay and its residents. You will see what their lives were like BEFORE the storm that rocked their little community descended upon them.

This is a novella and comes before Stillwater Rising and a portion of proceeds from this novella will be donated to to help stop school violence.

Ope’s Opinion:  Do not read this book unless you have Stillwater Rising in your hands – which does not comes out until  November 11, 2014.   Where this novella leaves you will haunt you until you get your hands on Stillwater Rising.

I loved getting an inside look at each woman before the incident.  It is interesting to see their relationships to each other, their husbands and their children.  It will  make reading Stillwater Rising even more meaningful, as soon as I get it.

Steena Holmes has been an author I do not even have to read the synopsis of her books – I just see her name and pick up the book.  She is an amazing writer.

Rating:  Five Chairs – This book is so good it will be passed on and on and on….


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