Pink & Green is the New Black

Author:  Lisa Greenwald   pink
Publisher:  Amulet Books
Genre: Middle Grade
Source:  BEA


Publication Date:  October 7, 2014



Goodreads:  Lucy Desberg is in eighth grade, and she’s determined to make this year perfect. Over the course of the year, though, her talents for makeup and problem-solving will be put to the test.On the outside, things couldn’t be better: her family’s spa is doing well, and she has a boyfriend, Yamir. But Yamir’s in high school now, and Lucy’s too embarrassed to admit that he hasn’t called her in weeks. To take her mind off him, she throws herself into planning the eighth-grade masquerade, using her makeup skills to rally her classmates. But as she soon learns, ignoring a problem does not make it go away. It’s destined to pop up at the worst possible time.Lucy’s resourcefulness will be put to the test as she grows up and starts making decisions about the type of person—and girlfriend and friend and daughter and sister—that she wants to be.

Ope’s Opinion:  This is the third book in the Pink & Green series.  This is the second one I have read.  They are really great stories, very well written and engaging characters.  

Lisa Greenwald knows how to keep you interested throughout the whole book.  If you are an adult looking for something to read with your middle grade child – I would highly recommend this one.  It will be relatable to your middle grade child and it will keep your attention too.

The characters are relatable, with flaws.  You will be comfortable letting your middle grade child read about the actions and language these characters display. The situations were age appropriate and the parents were a part of the story.

I hope there will be more to the Pink & Green series.


Rating: Four Chairs – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.

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