Nantucket Sisters


Author:  Nancy Thayer                             nantucket sisters
Publisher:  Ballantine Books
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Source: My friend Mary Ann


Goodreads:  Nancy Thayer, the New York Times bestselling author of Island Girls, tells the emotionally-charged story of two childhood friends on the tumultuous path to love and wisdom in this heartfelt ode to friendship.

When Maggie and Piper meet as girls on the Nantucket beach, they are instant best friends—even though Piper’s mother would much prefer she play with the daughters of senators and statesmen than a seamstress’s kid like Maggie. But after many golden summers spent building sandcastles and sharing their dreams for the future, Piper and Maggie grow apart. In her twenties, beautiful and spirited Piper worries she’ll never amount to more than the glittering wife of a successful husband, while hardworking redheaded Maggie scrimps and saves her pennies, wondering if she’ll ever have the luxury of a passionate romance. It seems they have little in common…until Cameron Chadwick appears on the island. A wealthy Midwestern charmer, Cameron takes moonlit walks on the dunes with Maggie and whisks Piper away to New York City for lavish nights on the town. When both women discover they’re pregnant, it looks like the end of their already-distant friendship. But as Maggie and Piper struggle to decide what their lives will be, they realize more than ever before how very much they need a friend.

Ope’s Opinion:  Well, lets just start with the cover – it made me want to frame it or better yet, go there.  Next look who the author is – Nancy Thayer – an awesome writer, who always draws me in.  Then read the synopsis – made me want to start reading.

Getting to know all the characters and their relationships took a little while, but worth the reading.  When events happen you have the background to understand why each one reacted the way they did.  I liked that this book started out with childhood friends.

If you have beach or pool time this summer, this should be in your bag to take along.  It will keep your attention, entertain you and put a smile on your face at the end.  Although, it is a bit predictable, I liked the ending.

I will keep reading Nancy Thayer. I enjoy her story telling.


Rating:  Four Chairs – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.


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