BEA Questions

How do you shelve your BEA books?
Do you mix them in with your other books?
Do they have a separate shelf?
Do you put them according to
Publication date or authors last name
or something else?

I would like to hear your ideas on how you shelve your books when you get back from BEA.  How do you shelve your other books – the same or different from BEA books?

How do you decide what book to read next?
Are all your books scheduled?
Do you read older books first or are you more likely to pick up a new one?

There are so many books to read.  I would like to hear how you pick your next book.

After reading a book do you keep it?
How do you decided which ones to keep?
Do you pass books on to others –
people you know or donate them?

Here is the current state of my bookshelf.  I think I will be rearranging my books soon.  I would love to hear your thought process for your books.  I would also love to see pictures of your bookshelves.

book shelf

2 thoughts on “BEA Questions

  1. I haven’t been to BEA but when new review books arrive I put a post-it with the pub date and who sent it. Then I put it on the shelf in the order I want to read it.


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