How I Fall


Author: Anne Eliot                             how i fall
Publisher: Butterfly Books
Genre:  Contemporary YA
Source:  BEA 




What if on one fall day, everything goes terribly wrong at school but somehow turns out right? Suddenly you’re forced into friendship with your secret crush—thanks to a glitter crazed new-girl who turns your life upside down. Literally. But you know your crush needs to stay how it’s always been—distant, impossible, in your head—because you have problems and hide things this crush would never understand.


But what if you all end up in the same group photography project? Suddenly talking and making friends is easy, more than easy. It’s almost perfect. What if high school felt normal for once, and what if your crush wasn’t who you thought they were at all, and what if they liked you as much as you like them?


And what if when you kiss…it’s so amazing. You tell each other secrets and you make the kind of promises that are impossible to keep when you’re only sixteen and have no control over your own life. Which is why, long before things fall apart you kind of already knew nothing this beautiful could have really been yours for long…

Ope’s Opinion:  Anne Eliot writes this book with such detail you can see and feel what the characters are doing and feeling.  Some times I did get lost in the details.  These characters are so relatable.  You are either one of them or went to school with one of them.

It was fun to watch Cam and Ellen circle each other – both afraid to express their feelings.   The story did have a slow pace to it.  Alternating between Cam and Ellen, let you see what they were thinking  – I really enjoyed that part of the writing style.

Knowing there is a sequel helped me with the open ending.  I want to know more.

Rating: Three Chairs – I like this book enough to suggest it to a friend or two.

3 chairs








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