Author:  Angela Correll                          grounded
Publisher: Koehler Books
Pages:  274
Genre:  Women’s Fiction
Source:  Angela Correll

Goodreads:  New York City flight attendant Annie Taylor is grounded, putting a halt to weekends in Rome and her jet-setting lifestyle. Soon her noncommittal boyfriend’s true nature is revealed, and to top it all off, she loses her apartment.
With nowhere else to go, Annie leaves the city for the family farm in Kentucky, a place she’s avoided for years. She finds a shotgun-wielding grandmother, a farm in disrepair, and a suspicious stranger renting the old stone house.
The country quiet haunts Annie with reminders of a past that can’t be changed. She tries persuading her grandmother to sell the farm, but is met with stubborn refusal? Yet in the midst of her crashing life, Annie sees a glimmer of hope for a second chance.
Jake Wilder is contemplating jumping off the corporate ladder to follow his passion for sustainable farming. He’s almost ready to propose to Camille, a girl who wants more, not less. Annie believes Jake is about to make a terrible mistake, but does she have the right to tell him?
As the summer heats up, so do Annie’s unexpected feelings for Jake and her interest in the land. When a sudden phone call comes from New York, Annie is forced to choose between coming to terms with her past or leaving it all behind.

Ope’s Opinion:  I really like the title of this book.  At first I thought Grounded referred to the fact that Annie was a flight attendant who was grounded – and that was part was true.  As you read on you see how she is brought down to earth ( grounded ) by her family.  Then you see her working in the garden with her grandmother and see how that brings her back to where she belongs ( grounded ).  The author did a wonderful job of making the point.

The pace of this book was slow and steady.  It was a very refreshing book to read.  It was all about relationships.  There was no foul language ( which I really appreciate ).  Overall, just a great enjoyable book.  I really hope there will be a sequel to this book.

Rating:  Four Chairs – I like this book so much I know several friends to share it with.

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